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Aluminum Airport Children Trolley

Product Description


Specification of airport handle passenger cart trolley 

 1.Load Carrying Capacity: 250kg

 2.Approx Weight per trolley: 19kg

 3.Overall Dimension: 980mm*675mm*1050mm (L*W*H)

 4.Basket Size: 525mm*220mm*150mm (L*W*H)

 5.Wheels Dimension: 180mm

 6.AD plate: 525mm*355mm

 7.Body Material: 6063 High strength Aluminum Alloy

 8.Material of Basket: Steel

 9.Material of Joints: PA,PP

 10.Material of Wheels: Nature Rubber

 11.Material of Handle: Aluminum



Advantages of airport handle passenger cart trolley

1.The main parts of airport trolley is made up of high strength aluminum alloy or stainless steel;


2. There are 3 or 4 wheels to choose;


3. The airport trolleys have AD plate to advertise;


4. They have auto brake;


5. The nature rubber wheels is environmental;


6. They have a variety of styles.





1. More than 10 years experience in this line. And OEM and ODM service is acceptable.


2. Price is competitive, delivery time is prompt, quality and after sales service is guaranteed.


3. Tender projects are welcome!




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