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Plane 165T Aircraft Axle Jack for Airport

Product Description

Aircraft axle Jack, belongs to the hydraulic jack, is the base, fixed in the front of the base of the cylinder, the oil cylinder in turn the telescopic cylinder and the piston and screw in the piston of the adjustment screw head, installed in the middle of the base tank, installed in the rear of the base of the high-pressure oil pump and low-pressure oil pump and the head and
A lifting device consisting of two vertical casing and U-shaped handle is fixed on the base between the cylinder and the oil tank, which makes the use of the jack more convenient and the movement more flexible. According to the working principle can be divided into hydraulic jacks, mechanical jacks and pneumatic Jack Tripod jack is a hydraulic jack, used in the aviation field as an aircraft ground support equipment (GSE), as the fuselage, wings and landing gear lifting point, safe lifting aircraft off the ground or deck, easy to repair and installation.

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