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4 Wheels Half Size Airline Aircraft Meal Cart Aluminum Trolleys

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Product Description
4 Wheels Half Size Aircraft Meal Cart                                                        
Item No 330G
Product Name

4 Wheels Half Size Aircraft Meal Cart

Products Description

2.Material:Aluminum alloy
3.High Quality,approved CAAC

4.Wheel: Four wheels


 Picture of 4 wheels half size aircraft meal cart                                           



Technical specifications of 4 wheels half size aircraft meal cart


The aircraft meal cart is designed for transporting food and drink to the passengers on an aircraft. It features a clean appearance, simple operation and good braking capability.


The 14 rows of integrated shelf supports allow for ample storage making food trays easy and convenient to load and remove.


The door of the meal-cart can be completely opened until it is flush with the side (270°) — it is kept open and kept from swinging shut by magnets.


The back door of the meal cart can be equipped with cool air and hot air windows if the customer requires.




The cabinet is an insulated box and can keep both hot items hot or cool items cool. The door, side panels, bottom and top panel can be disassembled for replacement or maintenance — lowering the maintenance cost. The side panels and both of the doors are comprised of a hard foam core sandwiched between powder-coated or PVC-film protected aluminum panels. The inner surface of the side panels is aluminum sheet with integrated drawer guides. The aircraft company selects the decorative color adorning the outside. The top panel is made of a textured, stainless steel.


Door lock


Rugged but easy to operate; latch door bar and three-point door bar with lead-filled hole and a hole for attaching a padlock are available.




The brake assembly is rugged; each of the four wheels assemblies have stainless steel fittings with two rubber wheels — each wheel with double bearings. Brakes are operated using a pair of red and green pedals (red for engaging the brake and green for releasing it).


 Packaging of 4 wheels half size aircraft meal cart                                        




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