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Airport Aviation Ground Taxiway Center Line Light Edge Light System

Product Description

Airport runway lights play a pivotal role in enhancing aviation safety and operations. They enable airports to:

Provide pilots with clear visual cues during takeoff, landing, and taxiing, improving aircraft alignment and preventing runway incursions.

Facilitate safe and efficient aircraft operations during low visibility conditions, such as fog or rain.

Contribute to the overall safety of air travel by reducing the risk of accidents and improving pilot navigation.

Product Description


1.New casting process with excellent mechanical property;
2.Unibody patented prism structure, outstanding optical performance;
3.Flat out-light surface, high light-extraction efficiency, no seeper in front of prism;
4.Lamp series design, application of different filters and lamp meets requirements of various types of lights;
5.Parts standardized production, easy to exchange in the same series of light, effective cost reduction inventory;
6.Rounded cover plate without sharp edges, better protection of aircraft tire;
7.Large area of radiating ribs around the whole outer surface, good heat dissipation performance of light fixture;
8.Shock-proof design for integral bulb holder, effective extension of lamp service life;
9.Reasonable parts positioning design, no need for recalibration of replacing prism, filter or bulb and other optical component;
10.Adoption of special anodic oxidation process on surface of light, wear-proof and corrosion resistant;
11.Equipped with special disassembling tool, easy to install and replace.

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