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Airport Conveyor Belt Vehicle Special Baggage Vehicle

Product Description

The airport conveyor belt loader offers numerous advantages that significantly enhance the efficiency of aircraft cargo handling. Here are some key benefits:

Time Efficiency: The conveyor belt loader speeds up the cargo loading and unloading process, reducing turnaround times for aircraft.

Versatility: This equipment is adaptable to different aircraft types and cargo configurations, making it suitable for various aircraft models.

Safety and Ergonomics: The conveyor belt loader reduces the physical strain on ground handling staff, improving safety and ergonomics during cargo handling.

Cargo Protection: The smooth and controlled movement of cargo on the conveyor belt minimizes the risk of damage during loading and unloading.



Product Name

Airport Conveyor Belt Vehicle Special Baggage Vehicle

Conveyoring height






Conveying speed 0.3-0.6m/s
Conveying capacity 100kg/m
Driving speed ≤35km/h
Dead weight 3180kg


Product Picture



  • Driving room-with door or without door

  • Warm air blower in the driving room

  • Air conditioner in the driving room

  • Supporting foot in front of belt

  • Imported automaic transmission

  • Spare tire and rim

  • Hand hydraulic pump for emergenct use

  • Exposal warning light

  • Folded rail

Company Information

 We use advanced technology at home and abroad,and research and develop indepently.We provide luggage door from 1.2m to 4.3m for various types of aircraft services,with maximu load capability of up to 1050kg.Technically,we choose jiangling optional diesel systems,with conveyor rate movements,which support steadily with adjustable transmission speed.It is convenient and safe to operate,with secured maintenance and a wide range of flexibility to various types of machines.


 Why choose us

1. We supply high quality products with reasonable price.
2. We are the professional manufacturer;
3. Advanced Production machine;
4. Strict quality control system;
5. Ten people research&develop team;
6. We have professional sales team;
7. Experienced exporting for all over the world;
8. We supply one-step solution service.

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